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In 1997, in the iEAR program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, multimedia artist Johnny DeKam and I investigated the possibilities of creating an improvisational environment using sound, movement, and motion-tracking technology.The software we used, called BigEye© (created by STEIM) is a Macintosh program designed to take video information and translate it into Midi messages.

According to the STEIM Web site: "Based on color information or a 'reference image' the software allows tracking of objects through space and converts their parameters into midi in real time. Using a powerful scripting language BigEye lets one build a 'hands free' digital control system for live performance and electronic installations."

The resulting environment allowed Johnny and me to create improvised dance and sound, while triggering "invisible" instruments in space. Live camera mixing produced by John J.A. Jannone.