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portfolio (video & multimedia: "The Mandarin Project")

video project (5 min.)



During a one month residency at the Red Gate Gallery in Beijing in June of 2006, I began research for a multimedia art project entitled, “The Mandarin Project".The project examines the aesthetic structure of the Mandarin Chinese language in terms of  its auditory and physical (facial) gestures. The Mandarin Project also investigates the process of acquiring a new language.

In the video component of the “The Mandarin Project", the fundamental elements of the spoken Mandarin language are investigated, using  rhythmic abstractions of  Mandarin syllables and facial gestures. Through visual and auditory layering, the piece is meant  to communicate the excitement, determination, confusion, and frustration that I encountered when I began the process of learning basic Mandarin sounds during my language lessons. In this sense, the video could be considered as an audio-visual “poem”.

In fall of 2007, artists Erika Schmidt, Tara Verheide and I collaborated in a multimedia dance performance that uses movement to convey the narrative elements of the Mandarin Project video. The choreography (created by Erika Schmidt) is meant to evoke a classroom dynamic in which pupils are learning sounds from a language instructor, and from each other. The multimedia performance was presented at The Carving Center in Rutland, Vermont in September 2007.


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performance stills



video excerpts of the performance in Rutland, Vermont (3 min 40 sec)