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portfolio (video & multimedia: "Second Skin")

video (5 min.)



Through layers of rhythmic, symbolic imagery, and choreographed movement, the video "Second Skin" explores my experience as a woman of Dominican and North American heritage, and the challenges of integrating elements of both cultures into my life. The video specifically addresses the dynamics of my relationship with my Dominican relatives, and the desire to be accepted into that culture.

The audio layer in Spanish describes the steps of cooking white rice – a staple of Dominican cuisine. In the video, this process of cooking in the kitchen parallels the process of revealing my Dominican layer of "skin".

"Second Skin" has been presented at film festivals across the country, including the Latino Film Festival at the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C.; the NAMAC Film Festival Conference at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh; and Cine Estudiantil in Tijuana, Mexico.