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portfolio (video & multimedia: "Vestige")

"Vestige 1"

(digital print, 30 x 20 cm)

"Vestige" is a multimedia piece consisting of photos, drawings, and an interactive element. The project explores traditional notions of female identity (marriage and motherhood), and how the cultural expectations associated with this identity may be slowly transforming into vestigial elements that are no longer 'required' in contemporary womanhood.

In May and June of 2008, during an artist residency with the Hungarian Multicultural Center in Budapest, Hungary, I created a series of digital prints as a component of the "Vestige" project.
In these images, the surreal relationship between a plastic uterus and a faceless woman is meant to create visual tension that represents the ongoing internal conflict I often experience as a single, middle-aged, unmarried woman with no children.

From August through October of 2008, the "Vestige" digital prints were included in a group exhibition at the Mucius Gallery and the Symbol Gallery in Budapest, Hungary.

Special acknowledgment goes to my friend Eric Blackmore for his assistance with the photography.

Click on the thumbnails to view elements of this work.
You will need Adobe Flash Player to view the interactive component.




"Vestige 2"

(digital print, 30 x 20 cm)

"Vestige 3"

(digital print, 20 x 30 cm)