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"Dyed in the Wool" (2000)

In 2000, two of my poems were included in "Dyed in the Wool: A Hudson River Poetry Anthology" (Vivisphere Publishing, 2000). The book exhibits the poetic works of twenty-three writers who live in the mid-Hudson Valley, or who have lasting ties to the region.

>> Read the poem, “Café con Leche: The Second Cup'
>> Read the poem, "Soñando en el Rodeo"

>> View an online video clip of Lisa Erdman performing "Café con Leche: The Second Cup" (Requires RealPlayer Software)


"Qu Jianxiong" (2006)
Prof. Qu's web site

In summer of 2006, after completing an artist residency at the Red Gate Gallery in Beijing China, I was invited to write the preface for an online publication that examines the work of scholar and artist Qu Jianxiong.

>> Read online publication:
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Qu Jianxiong is the Director of the Department of Free Painting
(Synthesis Art) of the School of Contemporary Art, at the new Academy of Fine Art in Tianjin, China. Qu's paintings and installations serve as an important tool in the discussion involving tradition in Chinese art, and the development of new Chinese art that transcends the influence of the contemporary West.

"Sally the Squirrel Crosses the Street" (2005)

In 2005, I created a children's story as a tribute to my love of squirrels.The story, entitled, "Sally the Squirrel Crosses the Street", is a simple tale of a young squirrel named Sally, who tries to learn how to safely cross a road. Does Sally have the wits to make it across without being squashed by an oncoming car? Illustrations were done on paper using graphite, and then scanned and colorized using Corel Painter software. This story is dedicated to my two nieces, Mary and Rachel.

>> Read the story